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Multimedia  - Media Control at the Cebit
  Multimedia  - Media Control at the Cebit Multimedia  - Media Control at the Cebit
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Multimedia and More

Media Planning

Commanding media, means to use buttons, keys and switches. But before booting the machinery, you have to switch on your head! We help you choose the best medium, we create ideas, concepts and text and you just lean back and benefit from our many years of experience.


Photography is the mother of all visual media - and our core competency. Not that surprising for a company headed by photo engineers.


He who says multimedia thinks CD-ROM. As a matter of fact the classical compact disk is unstoppable. Meanwhile virtually every computer is equipped with an adequate drive. With the performance of hard- and software constantly rising, the potentials of this medium are increasing respectively.

Today you can have

• digital video in HD quality
• a 3D panoramic user interface
• real-time interaction in virtual 3D environments
• CD-ROM updates with data from the web

but also:

• CD-ROM personalization:
Cover and content of a CD-ROM are completely personalized for the addressee

Media Control

Video projectors, data projectors, movie and slide projectors, video and DVD players, harddisk players, computers, spotlights, lasers, screens, curtains, sceneries: All that can today be controlled by computers. But who's in charge of controlling the whole? That's either a man with a thousand arms ... or us. We control and synchronize anything with the show control systems Dataton TRAX, Medialon or Adobe Director. Or several systems at the same time.

Media Control - Skoda Octavia Media Control - Audi IAA Media Control - Telekom

Video Production

We have to admit that the medium video is not really new, but it is established, proven .. and still advancing. Particularly if it comes to post production or DVD/Blu-ray distribution. Speaking of DVD: We do all the MPG coding, DVD/Blu-ray menus and the user interface for you.


„The internet consists of an incredible amount of rubbish,
but the rest is not bad at all.“

(Ernst Probst)

We see to it that your pages stand out from the rest.
We particularly specialize in dynamic web content and the integration of image personalization.

Visuals (graphics, 3D, PowerPoint)

Images are worth more than a thousand words. Before we name a thing, we already have a picture of it in our heads. This notwithstanding, we communicate above all by means of text and speech. Here's our advice for more effective communication: Say it with images! Photographic or illustrative images, in 2 or 3 dimensions!

Or take audio and video. A combination of both is even more effective.

But we had that before: Digital AV.