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What about the dog in your logo?

This is Gonzo, our Jack-Russell Terrier. He died on April 5th 2006. More about him in our short movie
"Gonzo rennt".

What do you mean by one-to-one imaging?

Simply spoken: Personalizing photos. There are photos that contain text, like the photo of a cinema sign. One-to-one imaging means automatically manipulating the text in them. So there can be many similar photos that all have different text in them, the name of the person you give that photo to for example. With this technique we can personalize everything. Photos, cards, calendars, brochures, books, but also videos or CD-ROMs. Click here to try out!

Your company is 26 years old.
Have you been doing multimedia at all times?

Yes. Today multimedia means: On one computer you can play
and interact with more than one medium - texts, images,
sounds, videos, tv. Back then the computer was used to control different devices and systems. Slides, movie film, video, lights, lasers. All those media had to be synchronized. With one another, but also to live performances. That's besides what we still do today. Among other things. See "Media Control" for details.

What about the sky scraper on the page "Digital AV"?

The building is in Paris. We took the liberty of using it as
an opera stage. Only virtually of course.

More ... (sorry, in German only)

For those who don't speak German,
here's a short summary in english:

The 40 floors of the office building "Coeur Défense" are stretching into the Parisian sky, reaching the last sun beam of the day at about of 158 m (518 feet). The windows give insight into about a thousand offices, desks, computers. Thousands of men and women say goodnight to their offices and switch off their lights, leaving behind nothing but a dark pane. So far all a very normal everyday scenario.

Then however, suddenly there is music! “Habanera“ of George Bizet’s opera "Carmen" fills the air. As if by magic some of the windows come to light again, ... only to go dark again seconds later. It starts with but a few, but then a rising number of windows follow suit. At this point even the slowest of observers has noticed that this is not an arbitrary phenomenon. The dance of lights going on and off follows the rhythm and tune of the music, forming geometrical patterns, showing ticker text and animations, and finally even the movie of an opera singer and a ballet dancer pirouetting across the building. Whilst the building is real, the plot is nothing but illusion. An illusion that has a rhythm from the creative minds and stage directing skills of the Cologne-based multimedia specialists von Aichberger & Roenneke.

A building serving as a multimedia screen? What is a computer generated illusion today, could soon become reality!

Can one entrust a company headed by engineers with
concepts and design?

Yes, you can. We have a distinctive sense of photography, graphics, text, tyopgraphy and dramaturgy. In our team of programmers, photographers, video operators and designers, everybody has another core competence, but we all follow an interdisciplinary approach. Many of our productions won national and international awards.

Image Personalization - Graffiti