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Digital AV

AV stands for "audio visual". With the "Digital AV" we have created a new medium. A medium that combines the impressive effect of a classic multi image slide show with the possibilities of modern computers. Using special tools that were in part developped in-house, we synchronize images, videos, animations and graphics with narration and music. This results in a multimedia production with a very high emotional appeal.

Digital Multivision

The emotional effect can be increased even more by using more than one screen. With the so-called "softedge technique" you can display panoramic images with seemless overlap.


As seen on photokina 2004 in the extreme image resolution of 5120 x 1050 pixels.

Digital-AV Auto Update

Corporate presentations often have one big disadvantage: Hardly finished, they are already out-dated.

But what if being up to date is part of the business, like for
daily newspapers?

Digital AV Auto Update is the solution to this problem:
A presentation that is easily updated or even selfupdating. Automated image processing and integrative use of digital technologies make this possible.

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Digital AV Interactive

It's all "live" and anybody can join in! Use your mobile phone to interact with large screen projections. Just send an sms and seconds later your message is in a trailer, in big letters, for everyone to see. Ideal for promotional events, votings, games ...

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Digital AV à la Polaroid

See and be seen!

Thanks to digital photography and Digital AV it is now possible to integrate up-to-date images - images of guests at events or trade fairs for instance - instantly into screened multimedia presentations. The photographs, taken on location, are automatically imported, processed, synchronized to previously produced sequences and presented at the same event.





Digital-AV Opera-House