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Ever new: The daily upated movie

A corporate presentation that never becomes obsolete. Is there such a thing?

Yes – the daily updated movie! It looks like a video, runs from the pc and regenerates your contents over and over again automatically.

Particularly in the case of industries that must be up-to-date every day, one’s own company presentation must not drag behind. Companies such as Heilbronner Stimme, Badische Zeitung, Rheinpfalz, Nürnberger Nachrichten or the newspaper group Lahn-Dill already dispose of the most up-to-date presentation one could think of.
» All advantages at a glance as pdf

Read more about the 12 reasons that make
the "Daily updated Movie" the medium of your choice – using newspaper publishing companies as an example - if being up-to-date is a must:

» Individual address of welcome
» Live news ticker
» Up-to-date dpa images
» Tomorrow’s front page
» View of the editorial system
» 3D animations- rendered in real-time
» Service offer included
» The online edition
» Gimmicks included
» Easily operated
» Monitoring via internet
» Impressive presentation

In this respect, read e.g. the press release of
Heilbronner Stimme

Vorführraum der Heilbronner Stimme

the "Daily updated Movie": The motion picture that re-creates
itself in real-time. Approximately 100 elements
(images, texts, pdfs, audio files, video spots, flash
movies, etc.) may be updated, more than half of
them fully automatically. Some examples:

Individual address of welcome

View of Heilbronn, large-scale zoom-in onto the
publishing building of Heilbronner Stimme ...

Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn
Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn
Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn
Zoom auf Heilbronn Zoom auf Heilbronn

... and further on the video wall attached to the
building - with the first amazing up-to-date detail:

The video wall shows not only the current time,
but also some individual words of welcome for
the audience:

Videowand der Heilbronner Stimme

But also Badische Zeitung and Nürnberger
Nachrichten found witty words of welcome for
their readers:

Either as video board, newspaper headline, …

Begrüßungsschlagzeile bei der Badischen Zeitung

or animated display panel of a train station, …

... the group of visitors is always welcomed
in an individual manner and the picture fits
seamlessly in the real video.

Live news ticker

Current news from news agencies are implemented in
the presentation "live" as video animation.

Either as analogue illustration of a classic display panel …

Aktuelle Tickermeldungen

... or as graphically designed info banner:


Up-to-date dpa images

Selection of images on the computer: We visualize
the exact computer screen of the editors, including
the most up-to-date images!

Bildauswahl am Computer

Likewise it’s possible to implement the current daily
pictures in an animation – as done in the case of the
newspaper group Lahn-Dill. E.g., a graphic banner
runs through the picture or a mosaic generated from
the "live" pictures prior to the start of the presen-
tation is shown as animated structure on a rotating

aktuelle Pressebilder


Tomorrow’s front page

"Nothing is older than yesterday’s headlines".
... is a common saying amongst journalists.

And since this is true, in the Digital AV auto update
you even get to see tomorrow’s edition in the
evening, before it is actually printed.

aktuelle Titelseite auf dem Monitor

Wherever the newspaper shows up, on the chief
editor’s screen - at the final control at the print
office’s control panel, at the conveyor belt of the
dispatch department, in the subscribers’ postboxes
or in the shop window of the kiosk around the
corner – the movie always shows the current daily
front page. Hotter than hot off the press!

View of the editorial system

Zeitraffer Zeitraffer Zeitraffer

The visitors experience in fast motion how the
individual pages of the newspaper are filled with
contents step by step and how the most recent
pictures and news are implemented on the day of

Screenshot aus Redaktionssystem Screenshot aus Redaktionssystem Screenshot aus Redaktionssystem
Screenshot aus Redaktionssystem Screenshot aus Redaktionssystem


3D animations – rendered in real-time

Imagine, e.g.: Your presentation explains the offset
printing in a 3D animation by means of the current
edition of your newspaper.

3D-Shockwave-Demo (320 x 240 Pixel)»
3D-Shockwave-Demo (800 x 600 Pixel)»


Service offer included

The portfolio of almost every daily newspaper
contains a large variety of service offers in addition
to the main product. All current additional offers that
are for instance available as pdf file may be imple-
mented in the video and presented in an enter-
taining manner by means of dynamically generated
camera moves.


The online edition

The online edition of the daily newspaper is also
introduced with a screenshot of the front page
– "live", as a matter of course.

Die Online-Ausgabe der Heilbronner Stimme

Gimmicks included

For example, a graphic animation on the display
panel of a stadium, which additionally shows the
soccer results taken from the updated sports
section of the newspaper. Or: A promotion spot
taken from the client’s archive, shown against the
backdrop of his video board. A flash movie that has
already been produced for the commercials may be
implemented in the show just as well – and
replaced by the client at any time, as a matter
of course.

grafische Animation auf einer Anzeigentafel im Stadion

In addition to the innumerable visual effects, the
"Daily updated Movie" offers a variety of possi-
bilities for the seamless implementation of already
existing material in the presentation

Easily operated without technical know-how

Various parameters may conveniently be modified
via the editor prior to the presentation. The
newspaper group Lahn-Dill for instance selects
the local edition in accordance with the hometown
of the corresponding group of visitors. A matching
individual address of welcome is created, which is
already shown as thumbnail in the preview.


Monitoring via Internet

All steps needed for the update are recorded auto-
matically, filed in a data base and sent directly to the administrator by e-mail.
Thus, everything is documented precisely and may
be recalled at all times.

Beispiel der Protokollseite

Impressive presentation via media control

During the course of the presentation, the leader of
the group of visitors is provided with a small and
ergonomically programmed touch screen. It activates
the start of the presentation in few steps and at the
same time it controls illumination, screen and data
projector fully automatically. This prevents operating
errors and guarantees a failure-free presentation.

Do you know of a more up-to-date presentation medium?

The "Daily updated Movie" combines the advantages
of several individual digital media:

• As up-to date as the internet
• High XGA image quality
• Motion pictures in full (HD) video resolution
• High-end 3D animations

Even more advantages:

• It can be split into modules for target group customization
• It is easy to handle – at the touch of a button
• It can be remote controlled and analyzed
   and last but not least:
• Concept, design and production by ...

Digital AV Auto Update by von Aichberger & Roenneke

... us!

You are interested? Just call +49 221 96371-0!
We'll show you what is possible!


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